Field Services

PFL offers comprehensive field services
• Sampling and testing for regulatory measurement requirements
• Pipeline specifications
• Routine sampling
• Plant optimization
• Plant Performance (Amine, Glycol, Sulfur)
• Small and Medium Sized Spill Sites (Confidential)
• Occupational Analysis (Drug and Alcohol on-site)
• Workplace Safety (Air, Molds, Microbial, Water)

Our Field Technicians have diverse experience and are trained -steto sample on many types of sites. Our field service people where once operations staff which gives them unique abilities and perspectives into how to help producers.

Our on-site testing capabilities include:
• Breathing Air testing (from domestic industrial and gas plant air systems).
• Contaminant Testing in gas/water (Millipore Filter testing)
• pH/Conductivity testing (Water).
• H2S concentration by tube, and/or Tutweiler and/or chromatograph methods.
• Trace Oxygen testing Gas/Flue Gas (by a portable O2 field analyzer).
• Oxygen Analysis by traditional Fyrite (Fyrite repair)
• SAGD Bitumen/Water Emulsion testing - Water cut and solids per cent.
• Particulate testing – Air Quality Monitoring (Workplace).
• Gas Chromatography analysis
• API/Viscosity testing.
• Runoff, Well and Drinking Water Analysis (Farms, Camps, Sites ect.)