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Drug(60$) & Alcohol(65$)

24 hour a day 365 day a year.  We provide immediate drug cards, prehire, random and post incident testing. PFLab performs SAMHSA, DOT, NDOT and Health Canada compliant 3-5-7-10-12 panel tests. Advanced mass spec verification with a MRO services. 780-622-4448

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Breathing Air & Rare Gas

The Petroleum Field Lab analyzes breathing air, room air and other rare gasses to a high ppm accuracy. We use up-to-date current industry methods including FTIR, Atomic Analysis and Chromatographic analysis. We are able to analyze some 2700 different gaseous compounds.

Petroleum, Oil & Gas

With 4000+ Petroleum & Hydrocarbon methods to Serve you!  We analyze Gas, NGL, LPG, Oil, Heavy Oil, Amine, Glycol, pipeline fluids, produced water, hydrocarbon sludges and more. With 73 years of analytical experience we are able to help with new an common issues also. We respond quickly to reduce your down time.

Enviroment, Water & Soil

PFL is an ISO 17025* facility with high quality analytical equipment run by experienced staff.  We analyze water, runoff waters, soil, landfill samples, and many others. (Same day BTEX and Landfills available!) Our field presence and knowledge enables us to run samples quicker. Our proximity to field staff and Spill sites enables us to have a more unified problem solving approach and one on one communication than other labs. 


Specializing in elemental and nutrient analysis in soil, feed and agricultural plant.  More and more producers are using a systematic scientific approach to planning agricultural production using crop science. Livestock production has also become highly dependent on efficient feed and proper nutrients necessary to grow healthier, more salable animals.

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    Sulfur, H2S, SO2     

Sulfur Analysis is our expertise. Syrup, Liquid, Solid or Gas! We analyze molten sulfur, solid sulfur and sulfur gasses such as H2S, SO2, CS2, COS in a variety of products from water to oil as well as elemental sulfur in a variety of products. We use modern methods including ICP, Mass Spec, Gas Chromatograph, PFPD and FTIR. Also available are traditional iodometric and Tutwiler studies.

      Innovation Partner    

PFL is able to help your analysis with small and medium sized research analysis.  Consider us for emulsion, corrosion, foaming, water separation or inlet chemical testing. We can help you company determine if a chemical works, how much chemical to use or which chemical is causing instability. Alternately lab space is available for short term rent.

What iS it? Unknown ID

Yes we answer this also!  Is it Lead paint? I found it in a ditch? I found in in a barrel? I found it in a pump? I found it in a pig trap? I found in in a frac tower? I found it in my boiler? I found it on my shoe... we have almost heard it all. Useing advance atomic analysis and mass spectrometry we can determine almost any unknown in oil, water or other matter.

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Who is Petroleum Field Lab?

Petroleum Field Laboratories Inc is a Canadian Accredited full service laboratory group with sample intake from Alberta, BC and NWT Canada and Internationally. PFL believes in helping Producers and Petroleum service companies answer questions that allow them to have proactive process and environment practices. The Petroleum Field Lab not only runs analysis and provide results; we answer your questions! When you have a facility process issue, an unknown sludge, a mysterious spill or an unresolved measurement issue, let our team of chemists, environmental scientists , instrument specialists and field samplers help you.  We know as a field lab that when you have an IMMEDIATE problem, you need an ASAP answers. We are the most Northern Full Service Commercial Lab in Alberta. We are not a depot! - we are a Lab!

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