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* COR Safety* ISNetworld & Complyworks * SAMHSA/DOT Testing* Accredited

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Breathing Air, Unknown in Air Testing

The Petroleum Field Lab analyzes breathing air and other gasses to a high accuracy with up-to-date current industry methods. We are able to analyze some 2700 different compounds in a any gas including CO2, hydrocarbons, sulfur(s) and all contaminants. Gas is our thing! We provide a variety of sampling apparatus and for samples ranging from atmospheric pressures to 11,000 kPa.

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Petroleum Analysis Gas, Oil, Condi & LPG

The Laboratory analyzes Gas, LPG, Oil, Heavy Oil, Amine, Glycol, pipeline fluids, produced water and hydrocarbon sludges.  We can help with routine well analysis, board submissions, measurement disputes, stream contaminants, pipeline specifications and much more! We are not just lab analyst's, we have walked the plants, worked with process systems, worked in the field and have the experience to help you with all your needs!  We specialize in high and low H2S measurement!

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Environmental Analysis Water, Landfill & Soil

The laboratory is an ISO 17025* accredited facility with high quality Analytical Equipment run by experienced science staff.  The laboratory is equipped to run water analysis, runoff waters, soil analysis, landfill analysis, and specializing in helping customers proactive health and environment programs.   Our field presence and knowledge enables us to run samples quicker, and our proximity to field and engineering staff enables us to have a more unified problem solving approach than other city based labs.

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pathology test jar containing a urine sample on a dark background

Drug & Alcohol Testing

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24 hour a day 365 day a year Occupational Drug(45$/55$/65$) and Alcohol testing(60$).  We provide immediate drug cards, pre-hire screens, random, site specific and post incident testing.  PFL performs SAMHSA, DOT, NDOT and Health Canada compliant testing.   We are equipped to meet your needs complete with mass spec verification of results and access to a MRO to answer any questions you may have. See our in-depth site www.drugtestalberta.com



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Who is Petroleum Field Lab?

Petroleum Field Laboratory Inc is a Canadian Accredited full service laboratory with sample intake provincially in Alberta, across Canada and even from other countries. PFL believes in helping Producers and Gas and Oilfield service companies answer questions that allow them to have proactive process and environment practices. The Petroleum Field Lab not only runs analysis and provide results; we answer your questions. When you have a facility process issue, an unknown sludge, a mysterious spill or an unresolved measurement issue, let our team of chemists, environmental scientists , instrument specialists, engineers and field samplers help you.  We know as a field lab that when you have an IMMEDIATE problem, you need an ASAP answer. Our base lab is in Central Alberta - 3 hours north of Edmonton - we are a field lab!