PFL takes samples on site or receives samples for well analysis off all types of wells. Here are some of the common analysis we perform. We are able to provide them in a operations/engineering type format or a more typical measurement board like analysis. We are able to do board submissions but please realize there is additional information we require to complete this process. Listed below are some of our common analysis:

Gas Analysis C7+
Available in C1-C7 +, H2S, H, He, N,
Available in C1-C10+, H2S, H, He, N,
As a choice nitrogen can be adjusted for O2 contamination or reported as analyzed

Gas Analysis Complete Measurement
Available in C1-C10+, H2S, H, He, N, (BTEX,VOC available)

LPG/ NGL Analysis
C1-C7+, H2S,N
C2-C7+, To meet your needs!

Condensate and Pressurized Oils
C1-C7+,H2S, N
C1-C10+, H2S, N

Oil Samples, Atmospheric
C1-C30, BTEX and VOC’s
Need a PONA or PINA ?

Natural Gas for Nitrogen
N2 as a total present

Green House Gas Special Analysis
CO2, CO, O, N, H with added accuracy! Is air getting into your sample and making the recorded CO2 higher than it truly is? Let us help you!