Currently PFL runs different 4000+ Petroleum Analysis Methods for Gas, LPG, Oil and Heavy Oil.

Supporting the petroleum industry is what we do best! We work your hours – your days and understand what NOW means!

We can help with routine well analysis, board submissions, measurement disputes, stream contaminants, pipeline specifications and much more! Not just lab analyst’s, we have walked the plants, worked with process systems, worked in the field and have the experience to help you with all your needs! PFL specializes in high and low H2S measurement! We currently so 4000+ Petroleum Analysis Methods.  Call the lab for more information 780-622-4448 (Line 2)

  • Advanced (Engine) Coolant Analysis (GLYCOL-ADENG)
  • Alkalinity of Glycol, reported as total. (GLYCOL-ALK)
  • Amine/Glycol GC scan. (AMINE-GLY)
  • Chloride in Glycol. (GLYCOL-CL)
  • Engine coolant glycol package (GLYCOL-ENGPKG)
  • Foaming tendency of Glycol. (GLYCOL-FTEN)
  • Glycol – Alcohol content (GLYCOL-ALCL)
  • Glycol boiling point. (GLYCOL-BP)
  • Glycol freezing point. (GLYCOL-FP)
  • Percent Glycol strength in water. (GLYCOL– STRENGTH)
  • pH of Glycol. (GLYCOL-PH)
  • Standard gas treating glycol package includes water, methanol, EG, Ethel, DEG, TEG percent, will also indicate amines as contaminants, reserve alkalinity, chloride, pH, suspended solids, foaming tendency and hydrocarbon co (choose any of the above for the analysis). (GLYCOL-PCKG1)
  • Total Metals in Glycol – Please specify metals required. Reported in mg/L. Atomic emissions scan. (GLYCOL-TOTMET)
  • Total solids in Glycol. (GLYCOL-TS)
  • Unknowns in Glycol, please speak with laboratory regarding testing. (GLYCOL-UNK)


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