• Post-Incident Occupational Testing

    Post-Incident Occupational Testing

    Has your company had an incident are require post incident testing?  We can help!  Call us 780-622-4448 and we can provide 24 hr a day to post access testing.  All…

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  • Process Analysis (Amine, Glycol etc.)

    Process Analysis (Amine, Glycol etc.)

    The lab has long worked with Alberta and area producers to understand process systems in both their routine day to day operation and to assist when troubleshooting is necessary. We…

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  • Enviroment, Water& Soild

    Enviroment, Water& Soild

    Water Analysis PFL utilizes Standard Methods and US EPA methods for the examination of water, wastewater, soil and waste.  We do also utilize specific test methods from CCME, ASTM, OMOE,…

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  • Air Analysis

    Air Analysis

    Gas analysis includes: •Ambient Air Quality •Compressed Breathing Air •Industrial Hygiene •Passive Air Sampling •Air Sampling for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) •Fuel Gas Analysis •Natural Gas Analysis •Sulfur Compounds in…

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  • Petroleum Analysis

    Petroleum Analysis

    Supporting the petroleum industry is what we do best! We work your hours - your days and understand what NOW means! We can help with routine well analysis, board submissions,…

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  • Agricultural Analysis

    Agricultural Analysis

    Our Agricultural Analysis provides the following services: Soil testing Micronutrients Testing Air analysis Water analysis (Animal Water, Irrigation Water, Runoff Water) Feed analysis Trace Contamination testing Assay Determination testing Vitamins…

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  • Condensate Diluent Studies

    Condensate Diluent Studies

    PFL has long specialized in the analysis of light and medium weight (650-790 kg/m3) condensates. PFL laboratories is a descendant of the Dome, HBOG, Chevron and Amoco these producers where…

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  • Sulfur Analysis and its products

    Sulfur Analysis and its products

    Sulfur Analysis is one of our ongoing expertises.  We analyze both H2S in a variety of products from water to oil as well as elemental sulfur in a variety of…

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  • Emulsion Breakers

    Emulsion Breakers

    PFL has helped facilities monitor, diagnose and solve vessel emulsion difficulties.  Let us help develop a project with your operations and engineering group that will allow you to use today's…

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