In Lab Analysis

Yes the laboratory is in Fox Creek.  The majority of the laboratory work is done here in Fox Creek.  We are not a depot we are a full service 24 hour a day lab.  On site we have four Gas Chromatographs, FTIR's, Atomic analyzer, spectrometers, microtox analyzers, viscometers, densitometers and many more pieces of specialized instrumentation. 

Summer Hours (7am-5pm) On Call 24/7!

Winter hours  8AM-5PM

Lots of Fast Shipping Options! We receive Purolator, UPS and Mail. We also use a private courier service and can arrange samples to be picked up and moved same day from all major Alberta cities. Call the lab for assistance 780-622-4448

"Winston Churchill said "We have no money, so now we have to think."  He was not speaking of the drop in oil price but it certainly holds true today.  Science and innovation in the oil and gas market place is the future to Canada industry success.

Winston Churchill,