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Petroleum Field Laboratory through it's tenure of working with Amoco, BP, Chevron and many other groups in both there production and upstream facilities has developed a practical way to help. So often groups have a problem and do not know how to solve them. Let PFL guide you through practical scientific inquiry aimed at solving you specific problem. Unlike some labs PFL is not focused on pushing a high volume of samples through it's lab it is instead focused on specialty work, individual producer problems and realizing that your 126$ inlet sample may be the key to the measurement for a high value, high volume e3m3 inlet. We know the numbers matter!

  • Lab Contract Services

    We have a wide variety of laboratory services to meet your oil and gas needs, environment needs, heavy oil needs and field production needs.  We work on our sites, on your site, from our trucks or from you building.  We contract personal, equipment and analysis!...

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  • Research Projects and Programs

    Petroleum Field Laboratories can help you research and plan projects that answer the questions you need answered.  We pride ourselves in being practical and providing service at a real price point.  We do projects that span from plant site issues and vessel troubleshooting to environmental investigations.  We are a smaller which ensures your organizations privacy...

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For more information contact the lab directly at 780-622-4448. A person will answer this phone 24 hours a day! We apologize that some times there is a 3-6 min wait but we to guarantee you will reach a real person!

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  • International Clients

    International clients with international samples please contact the lab We have experience with both shipping these samples and providing unique tests and report formats for individual countries. Often only minimal amounts (5 ml) are required for many tests....

  • Call Out Costs 100$

    PFL does charge a 100$ call out fee after hours (between 6 pm and 6am) and weekends . Similarly we charge specialized call out fees for holidays including Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Call Out Services are available 24 hrs....

  • Routine Turn Around

    Samples are completed in 3-5 days dependant on type of analysis. Clients are charged list price. Please note bulk rates and company specific contracts are available.  That's right no extra cost for 3 day analysis turnaround!  Drug and Alcohol testing...