Research Projects and Programs

Petroleum Field Laboratories can help you research and plan projects that answer the questions you need answered.  We pride ourselves in being practical and providing service at a real price point.  We do projects that span from plant site issues and vessel troubleshooting to environmental investigations.  We are a smaller which ensures your organizations privacy as you conduct the projects that grow your company, assess a risk, solve or problem or generate a plan.   With out wide variety of instruments and our work in both Petroleum, Environment, Agriculture  and Occupational sciences our professional staff are able to attack diverse studies.  At the end of projects we don't abandon you we are there to help you through your process from beginning to end what ever that may look like!

Ask us about our work with oil additives, defoamers, corrosion inhibitors, emulsion brakers, spills, pipeline breaks, amine plants, vessel separation, tower carryover, contaminated soil, LSD snake pits, drilling cuttings, unknown contaminants,  design diluents, soil growth media, blow dirt, plant nutrients, plant damage, crickets, radon, Bovine blood content and many many more!

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