Post-Incident Occupational Testing

Has your company had an incident are require post incident testing?  We can help!  Call us 780-622-4448 and we can provide 24 hr a day to post access testing.  All personnel involved in an incident should be tested as quickly as is practical.  We offer:

  • 12 Panel Drug Test
  • 10 Panel Drug Test
  • 7 Panel Drug Test (Urine or Oral Fluid)
  • 5 Panel Drug Test (Urine or Oral Fluid)
  • Breath Alcohol
  • Fentanyl
  • All products available with or without THC

PFL testing is compliant with both Energy Canada, Health Canada, DOT and SAMSHA. We are Dedicated to providing the lowest cost/ highest quality test in Fox Creek. Please contact the lab for bulk testing pricing.

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