Condensate Diluent Studies

PFL has long specialized in the analysis of light and medium weight (650-790 kg/m3) condensates. PFL laboratories is a descendant of the Dome, HBOG, Chevron and Amoco these producers where the founders of the Devonian Reefs in south central Alberta and the Kaybob area. Once understood to be the largest wet gas reserves in north America. Again in resent years Specializing in the whole hydrocarbon analysis as well as the ionic and water makeup of these gas/oils. Today PFL is using this traditional knowledge of the condensates in the western Canadian basin to help producers better develop diluents, condensate streams and an understanding of there likely interactions. We work to help develop an profiled understanding of condensates through Stabilized oil analysis by Chromatograph, RVP, Pour point, viscosity analysis, atomic analysis, entrained water analysis and several other less common techniques.

PFL has become a goto source for information and research.

PFL is Currently not offering Diluent Services to new Clients, Contract Opportunities are currently closed.

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