Petroleum Analysis

Supporting the petroleum industry is what we do best! We work your hours - your days and understand what NOW means!

•BTEX Analysis
•Coalbed Methane Analysis
•Crude Oil Analysis
•Gas Analysis (N2, Natural Gas, Acid Gas, Flue Gas)
•Glycol Analysis (Water)
•Hydrocarbon (Gas, Condi, Oil) Analysis - C7,C10,C15,C30
•Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
•Natural Gas Analysis, NGL and LPG
•Particle Size Distribution
•Passive Air Analysis
•Stack Sampling and Testing
•Sulfur/Sulphur Compound Analysis (Projects)
•Hydrogen Sulfide - In anything!
•Process/ Boiler Water Chemistry
•Trace Sulphur Analysis
•Well Analytical Services

For a full listing of analysis and pricing please contact the lab.

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