RFN (While You Wait!)

These samples are completed as absolutely quickly as they can be. We will Call People out any day, any time for an While You Wait (RFN) sample. We understand that when you ask for this turn around time you NEED results to preserve the health of people, contain issues or solve an immediate process problem. RFN will get you help the help you need! The hot shot you need! The post incident testing you need! Or the water Analysis You NEED! RFN has been a term as old as the Alberta Oil Field. In 1928 it meant the same as it does today ------ NOW! We do ask that you keep in mind that some analysis take time - landfill analysis for example have a given time they need to be tumbled - we wish it was all as easy as on the CSI special but in reality analysis does take some time! We will do our best! While you Wait analysis are charged at the cost of 3 times routine. Samples received and worked on after routine hours will also be levied a call out charge of 250$.

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