Soil & Water Testing

3hr Turn Around BTEXF1-F4!

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COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Same Day Results

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing

Appointments 24 hours a day. 5-14 panel, Urine or Saliva Tests Available.

Environment Analysis
Environment Analysis

Soil, water, Landfills, well water and much much more!

Petroleum Testing
Petroleum Testing

Industry and measurement and industry analysis of gas, condensate, oil, heavy oil, amine, glycol and more.

Agriculture Analysis
Agriculture & Agra Food Analysis

Analysis of Soil, Food products, manure, and much more!

Breathing Air and Rare Gas
Breathing Air and Rare Gas

Analysis be GC, or FTIR the safety you need and the ability to see 2200 compounds in Air.

COVID Testing & PPE
COVID Testing & PPE

Both Rapid COVID testing and PCR Testing Available. Keeping People Safe.

The Lab Units at PFL perform a total of 7400 different tests and Analysis! If you don't see what you want please ask!

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